Linux Today

  1. LinuxInsider: AryaLinux is something different, and when it comes to Linux operating systems, different can be very intriguing.

  2. El Reg: Chinese giant plays nice with open source

  3. Important files in proc give information about running processes that will help in debugging and troubleshooting.

  4. NetworkWorld: The at command makes it easy to schedule LInux tasks to be run at any time or date you choose.

  5. Phoronix: The GNU Guix developers responsible for their package manager and operating system are actually working to replace their Linux (GNU Linux-libre to be exact) kernel with GNU Hurd.

  6. 2DayGeek: Learn how to use the rsync and scp commands in reverse mode on Linux.

  7. 9to5Linux: The GNOME 3.36 Gresik desktop environment brings numerous new features and performance enhancements

  8. Explore the diff command to compare file content in different ways.

  9. ostechnix: This guide explains how to create a montage from images in Linux using Imagemagick suite.