Linux Today

  1. A zombie process is a type of process which is finished but its entry still remains in the process table

  2. ostechnix: This guide explains how to install and play Terminal Phase space shooter game in Terminal on Linux.

  3. Can you use the Raspberry Pi 4 as a screencaster?

  4. Learn how to install the command line utility Jpegoptim

  5. diff (short for difference) is a simple and easy to use tool which analyzes two files and displays the differences in the files by comparing the files line by line.

  6. ZDnet: This forthcoming minor RHEL update will bring major sysadmin and developer improvements.

  7. itsFOSS: ProtonVPN becomes the first VPN provider to open source its client applications and undergo an independent security audit.

  8. Zorin OS touts itself as a Windows alternative and is targeting Windows users that are looking to switch to Linux.

  9. s-tui, a terminal-based CPU monitoring and stress testing tool for Linux, has reached version 1.0.0 stable